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⭐Best price!⭐Unique 10% CASHBACK!⭐High quality!⭐Discounts due to the amount of the order!⭐Manufactured in the USA and EU!⭐Approved by the professionals!⭐All valid promotions!

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Rubber base coat

Code: RB30

30 ml

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Rubber base coats




ReNeo manicure Rubber Base Coat for gel polish – provides maximum elasticity. Best seller! The base coat is an important, cost-effective and reliable product that guarantees a manicure without detachment and long wearability (up to 4 weeks)! This transparent base coat for gel polish is suitable for many types of nail design and decoration, it can be combined with all types of gel polishes and top coats.

In the reNeo manicure Base Coat Collection, the formula of the rubber base coat has increased elasticity, which allows you to maintain manicure for a long time. The rubber base coat can be applied in a thin layer, providing perfect adhesion with the decorative finish, reinforcement and flexibility. Also, the reNeo manicure rubber base coat can be applied in a denser layer, while achieving alignment of the defects of the nail plate. It can also be used as a base coat for reNeo manicure modeling gel. High reliability and versatility makes reNeo transparent rubber base coat for gel polish very popular among both professionals and beginners.

+ Maximum elasticity

+ Multifunctional product – ideal transparent base coat for: gels polishes, camouflage and modeling gels, can be applied with a very thin layer

+ The composition is safe for the health of natural nails, and does not contain perfumed fragrances

+ Ideally self-leveling, does not “pull up” when applied

+ Medium viscosity, transparent color

+ 100% protection of the nail from UV polish pigment and mechanical damage

Manufactured in the USA.

Maximum reliability is confirmed by numerous reviews of professionals.

Glass bottle, 15 ml – 8.10 €

Plastic tube, 30 ml – 11.50 €

The reNeo manicure base and top coat collection for UV coatings and designs has three formulas for your choice:

  1. Rubber Base and Top Coat – very elastic, allow you to smooth out irregularities of the nail plate.
  2. Fiber Base Coat – very strong and used for fragile nails.
  3. Camouflage Base Coat – the thinnest in application, perfectly preserves the natural state and individuality of each nail.

Base and Top Coats for UV-polishes include unique Oligomers – NEW generation (polyurethanes) that form a 3D structure of bonds between molecules, which guarantees the best strength and elasticity.

With every purchase on our website, you get a huge cashback, as well as surprises and gifts in deliveries – this is both pleasant and cost-effective!


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