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⭐Best price!⭐Unique 10% CASHBACK!⭐High quality!⭐Discounts due to the amount of the order!⭐Manufactured in the USA and EU!⭐Approved by the professionals!⭐All valid promotions!

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Polygel natural cover

Code: P061

60 ml

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ReNeo manicure polygel is a very successful, convenient and reliable product – a professional tool for modeling, repairing and strengthening nails. ReNeo modeling polygel combines the best qualities of acrylic and gel: plasticity and ease of applying, like an acrylic + elasticity, naturalness and safety, like a gel. The properties of the modeling acrygel allow you to quickly master the techniques of its use and make various shapes, achieving strength and durability. ReNeo polygel is convenient even for beginner specialists.
Natural / camouflage color.

The new formula contains NEW-Generation Oligomers (polyurethanes) – a guarantee of better durability and wearability!
+ 100% control over the material, thick consistency – does not leak
+ Models shapes of any complexity and allows the making of nail extensions
+ Does not stick to a brush, does not burn in a lamp, does not leave a sticky layer
+ Strong yet elastic material – the acrygels are worn without damage
+ Ideal for difficult and problematic nails
+ It is used as an independent color, as well as combined with any color gels
+ Does not contain harmful components in the composition

Modeling gels, polygels and bases for UV polishes include unique Oligomers – NEW Generation (polyurethanes), forming a 3D structure of bonds between molecules, which guarantees the best strength and elasticity.

Some of the materials include NEW Fiber for extra strength.

ReNeo modeling materials are highly reliable and convenient to use, they have the most popular shades + various formulas that can be selected for different types of nails, as well as for different modeling and decoration techniques. As always, an additional benefit is an excellent price, and hence the cost of the procedure! Enjoy the work and the result.

Also enjoy the reNeo manicure collection of UV gel polishes and decorative coatings!

Manufactured in the USA.

Maximum reliability is confirmed by numerous reviews of professionals.

60 ml – 27 €


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